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Province of Fermo: 2018 eradication measures of plants in the zones infested by the Asian long-horned beetle

The Marche Region Land Reclamation Consortium, appointed by the Regional Council, is currently cutting down and destroying the plants interested by the eradication measures.

The DGR (decision of the regional council) n. 933 of 7th August 2017 has approved the functions to be delegated to the Consortium to technically and operatively support the implementation of the regional action plan against the Anoplophora glabripennis Motschulsky’s introduction and spread, in compliance with the DGR n. 1730/2013.

The delegated functions specifically concern the cutting down, transport and proper treatment (wood chipping) of the plants mentioned in the injunctive communications and according to the methods prescribed by the Regional Plant Protection Organization.

To fully implement the Action Plan, the cutting down, transport and wood chipping, shall concern the specified plants objects of the phytosanitary measures which are located in private areas, if their owners or the interested parties agree with the operations of the Marche Region.

Those who do not intend to make use of the Marche Region operations are required to arrange at their own expenses for the cutting down and transport of the debris and for their adequate treatment.


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on 01 February 2018
Last Updated: 23 September 2021

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