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Province of Macerata: opening of a wood collecting point in Civitanova Marche

In the industrial area in the municipality of Civitanova Marche - via Vittorio Valletta – is provided a service to manage the transport of infested wood and the delivery of specified wood (*) originating in the province of Macerata demarcated area for Anoplophora glabripennis Motschulsky (ALB).

The conditions for the service are:

  • Free transport and delivery, by the service provider, of wood from plants infested with ALB and of plants, on the list of specified species susceptible to Asian long-horned beetle infestation, present within 100 m from those infested ones under felling and destruction phytosanitary measures in the demarcated areas for ALB of the Province of Macerata.
  • Free wood collection, with transport at the operator appointed by the owner or owner’s expenses, deriving from operations on uninfested plants of 'specified' (*) botanical genera, planted in the demarcated area of the Province of Macerata, which hasn’t been moved with the plant passport or with a consent act issued by the Regional Plant Protection Organisation.


* Host “specified” botanical genera of Anoplophora glabripennis Motschulsky (ALB):
Acer spp. (maple), Aesculus spp. (horse chestnut), Alnus spp.(alder), Betula spp.(birch), Carpinus spp. (hornbeam), Cercidiphyllum spp. (katsura), Corylus spp. (hazel), Fagus spp. (beech), Fraxinus spp.(ash), Koelreuteria spp. (koelreuteria), Platanus spp. (plane tree), Populus spp. (poplar), Salix spp. (willow), Tilia spp. (linden) and Ulmus spp. (elm).


The service is provided on request. Please contact:

LA MACCHIA Società Cooperativa
Headquarter: Via Roma, n.5 – 60040 GENGA (AN)
Phone: +39 071 872920
Contact: Sig. Maurizi (mobile +39 348 6525485 or +39 388 1074600).

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on 15 February 2022
Last Updated: 06 December 2022