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Further surveys on the presence of the Asian long-horned beetle in 2017

To assess the Asian long-horned beetle’s presence, surveys on plants, farms, public and private gardens will continue throughout the 2017 winter.

Already infested areas in the provinces of Fermo and Ancona will be intensively investigated to adopt eradication measures against the harmful pest.

The staff in charge of the surveys is equipped with highly visible blue uniforms and identification badges to verify the pest’s symptoms on trees and the infestation risk.

The monitoring of the remaining part of the Region will proceed according to the National Plan of Phytosanitary Protection of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

Please note that the phytosanitary inspectors and their assistants, while carrying out their duties, are authorized to enter farms and private gardens even without the owners’ attendance.

However the authorized personnel does never require to access to private houses.

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on 31 January 2017
Last Updated: 23 September 2021